Pink makeup

What’s the best thing after the gift of a full professional makeup box? A portable all-in-one makeup kit! Lancome palette Absolu Voyage eye makeup product is an all in one pink makeup product that comes with several makeup products in one package.  Nifty right?

What does the Lancome palette eye makeup set contain?

Hidden within this Lancome palette Absolu Voyage makeup set treasure box, is a mascara in virtuose black, a Le contour pro rosé thé lip liner, a le crayon khol noir eyeliner, a blush in subtil rose sable, compact powder in poudre majeur translucide, lipgloss is a gloss a levres while the concealer is a beige Clair in 02 and  beige 03 and the eyeshadow is in ombre absolu with two absolu lipsticks coupled with the blush applicator, the eyeshadow applicator, lipstick applicator and powder applicator. Again this is a treasure box for pink makeup.

Lancome palette Absolu Voyage

Why would you need the Lancome palette all in one pink makeup set?

The Lancome palette  Absolu Voyage makeup set is as its name implies. This is your kit if your go-to makeup look is pink and you would rather not than lug around a humongous makeup box when going on a trip or your travel box is all packed up and there is absolutely no space for your makeup bag. The Lancome all in one pink makeup is a must-have. You cannot beat the makeup options available and the size.

The Lancome palette voyage is like walking around with a magic shrunk down professional makeup box. Every item in this all in one pink makeup has been carefully selected to compliment each other and to give you a perfect look after application. Despite its compact size, each makeup product has the same effect and application of its normal sized version.

Lancome products are known for their incredible look, so this is an amazing investment. With Lancome palette Absolu Voyage all in one pink makeup set, you not only have your favorite makeup brand, you get your favorite go-to makeup look, all major part of a full, almost professional makeup set in one portable kit.

Never used a Lancome palette before?

Here is your chance to try this absolutely lovely beauty brand and what better way than an all in one makeup kit.  Propagated by a host of Hollywood actresses, Lancome is a major player in the beauty industry and they continue to maintain high standards with their beauty products.

Interested in getting this makeup treasure box?