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Top 5 nail polish covers this summer

Our fingers come into contact with very many elements each day and some only accelerate the process of aging. For that reason, it is best that you ensure that your fingers and nails are always clean and well maintained. One of the best ways to maintain your fingernails is by applying nail polish.

Why apply nail polish?

Nail polish plays vital roles which have for long been underestimated. Firstly, nail polish ensures that the finger nails look attractive no matter the conditions your hands work in. In addition, nail polish ensures that the natural color of your nails is prevented from fading which is caused by different elements like water and soil. On the other hand, nail polish also comes in handy in complementing your fashion thus allowing you to make a powerful fashion statement. However, it is important that you acquire a quality nail polish if at all you are to enjoy the benefits of applying nail polish.

Top nail polish brands for the summer

Summer is a time to explore all fashion options available, you too should not be left behind in trying out different looks. And there is no better way to complement your summer looks than by applying nail polish. That said, here is a list of top nail polish covers that are a great choice for summer.

  • Silver Nail Polish

OPI San Francisco Nail Polish

A silver nail polish will certainly leave you looking amazing especially with its jewelry appeal. This nail polish doesn’t easily fade thus you do not have to worry about playing games or enjoying a swim. This nail polish allows you to enjoy summer like a fashion icon.




  • Dark Blue nail polishRed Carpet dark blue nail polish

For those who love enjoying summer at the beach, a dark blue nail polish is definitely a great choice. The dark blue color matches the oceanic color thus enhancing your moments by the sea or ocean. And if you can match it with a great beach outfit, you will certainly steal the show.

  • Absolute Red

KRIPA Absolute CharmRed is arguably one of the most attention seeking colors and thus you can never go wrong wearing red. With an absolute red nail polish, all eyes will be on you courtesy of its shooting color. The absolute red nail polish can complement any fashion look comfortably.


OPI nail polish Coral Red

  • Coral Red

A coral red nail polish is a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing summer. The coral red color is not so conspicuous and it triggers the feeling of being calm and relaxed.

  • Corn yellow

Red-Carpet Corn Yellow nail polishConsidering the fact that it is summer, yellow is definitely a theme color for summer as it represents the sun. A corn yellow nail polish will get you in the mood for summer as it also complements your fashion.

The different nail polish covers for summer are made from natural ingredients and thus pose no threat to your health or the environment.

Natural hair products that guarantee healthy hair

For a long time, hair has been used as an instrument to enhance the beauty and it has surely worked. With the numerous types of hairstyles and mechanisms to preserve the hair, it is evident that humans have a great affection for hair and also highly acknowledge how much hair influences their looks.  And with the different types of hair products flooding the markets, many people have lost their precious hair especially due to chemical based products.

Types of hair products and their effects

As much as hair products are hugely responsible for the numerous cases of hair loss, not all hair products generate negative effects. Chemical based products are mostly responsible for these cases since the elements they contain weaken the hairline causing hair loss. And with hair loss, many victims have been reported to suffer from stress. Fortunately, nobody else should be a victim of hair loss and this is courtesy of natural hair products. These products contain natural ingredients which contain the ideal nutrients that ensure your hair grows is a healthy way.

Best natural products for your hair

The numerous hair products in the markets can certainly make it hard for you to choose the perfect product. Shockingly, some of these products have even been labeled as ‘natural’ while in a real sense they have chemical elements. So, which are the best natural products? Here is an overview.

  • Sulfate Free Shampoo

ALTERNA Caviar Moisture Moisturizing Conditioner For Dry Hair

Alterna Caviar Moisture is a moisturizing conditioner that is suited for dry hair. The Alterna brand has been in the hair care industry since 1977 and has established itself as a reliable hair product brand. These hair care products are made from rare natural ingredients and undergo a series of extensive tests. Amazingly, these products are not tested on animals but on celebrities like actress Katie Holmes. This goes on to show how much this brand provides timely and long-term solutions not only for dry hair but also all types of hair conditions.

  • Natural Hair Products

Botanicals products for hair

Offering a wide range of hair solutions, Botanicals has proven to be a leading hair care brand as they have a wide collection of products to choose from. Whether you are suffering hair loss, dry hair or even want to maintain your dyed hair, Botanicals will certainly provide a solution. The products under the Botanicals brand are made from natural ingredients and thus you are at no risk of any effects. More to that, these products have undergone quality tests that assure you of unscathed quality.

Hair care has become a pain for many people who have tried using different products but end up with the same results. But with natural hair products, you will now be able to afford a smile knowing that your hair is growing in the healthiest way!

Best floral perfumes for women

Perfumes certainly play a vital role not only in complementing our fashion but also in driving our lifestyles. Perfumes can ignite various feelings as they also help bring out our personalities. Among some of the most intriguing perfumes in the market include floral perfumes. These perfumes comprise a mixture of different flowers to produce one natural scent. Floral perfumes play a key role in bringing us closer to nature with their natural and fresh smell that gives more reason to appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer.

Top floral fragrances for women

Floral perfumes are unique in their scent and they evoke the feeling of love and compassion. However, with the numerous perfumes in the markets, finding the most suitable one can prove to be daunting. Herein an overview of the best floral perfumes for women.

  • Calvin Klein Eternity

CALVIN KLEIN Eternity Eau De Parfum for Women

Calvin Klein is a world renowned brand in the fashion industry and they never disappoint. The Eternity perfume by Calvin Klein constitutes a wide variety of natural ingredients that provide a great intensity leaving you smelling all natural. With this perfume, any woman will be able to bring out their femininity in a romantic and sensual way.

  • Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume

AQUOLINA Pink Sugar Eau De Toilette for Women

With a sweet and light scent, this floral fragrance is best suited for women and young girls who enjoy fun-filled moments.  This perfume contains an amazing mixture of fruits and flowers thus you will always smell fresh and confident.

  • Vera Wang Princess

VERA WANG Princess Eau De Toilette for Women

The Vera Wang Princess brings a completely unique experience to the world of floral perfumes. This perfume provides an exciting luxurious feeling in a luxurious way. And just like its name ‘princess’ this perfume symbolizes the achievement of dreams and wishes of a young girl in her adulthood. Additionally, its heart-shaped glass will certainly captivate you as it reminds you that giving up is not an option on your way to achieving your dreams.

Why floral perfumes?

Floral perfumes are all natural and thus they do not pose a threat to the environment. More to that, these perfumes pose no threat to your skin thus they can be applied to any type of skin. The scent of floral perfumes is not also irritating as compared to other chemical based fragrances. Amazingly, the scent from floral perfumes does not quickly fade thus you are assured of always smelling fresh throughout the day. In addition, these perfumes can be applied at any time of the year.

Natural beauty is certainly the best beauty. And wearing a floral perfume will certainly go a long way in ensuring you stand out.  Remember, going the floral way means that you are also preserving the environment thus making you stand out even more!

Awesome skin clear tips

The skin is arguably one of the most important organs in the body as it is also the largest external organ. A clear skin certainly goes a long way in boosting one’s confidence. According to research, people grappling with skin conditions also suffer from self-esteem issues. Different skin conditions are caused by various factors. Fortunately, you can now enjoy a clear skin courtesy of great skin care products available in the market.

Best skin products for a clear skin

With the numerous skin products available in the market, finding the most suitable one can prove to be an uphill task. Some of the skin care products will only add salt to the wound and further deteriorate your skin condition. So, what are some of the best products that will guarantee a clear skin? Here’s an overview.

  1. La Roche-Effaclar

LA ROCHE-POSAY Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel For Oily And Problematic Skin

The La Roche-Effaclar brand is a purifying foaming gel that is meant to be used on oily and problematic skin. With its 5.5 PH, this product promises to restore the natural barrier that protects your skin hence reducing irritation. Amazingly, this product can be used on any type of skin without causing any further deterioration. This is all because this product contains natural ingredients. Some of the skin conditions that can be controlled by this gel include irritation and anti-oxidation. More to that, this gel can also be used as a deep cleanser.

  1. Clinique 3 steps

CLINIQUE 3 Steps Cosmetic Set VIII.

Specially designed to treat your skin, the Clinique 3 cosmetic set comprises of three steps that will help in cleansing and treating your skin. These three steps use three different products that all play vital roles in ensuring your skin remains fresh. The three special products contained in the Clinique 3 set include:

  • Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily

This product is meant to moisturize your skin by removing the excess grease on the skin. Upon using this product, you will enjoy a clean and clear skin since it will thoroughly clean up the clogged pores on your skin.

  • Clinique Clarifying Lotion

The Clinique clarifying lotion acts as the second step of treating your skin by removing the remnants of sebum and other elements that clog your pores. With this lotion, you will enjoy a properly hydrated skin which means that dead cells on your skin will be naturally removed.

  • Woman with clear skinClinique dramatically different moisturizing gel

Meant to deeply hydrate your skin, this moisturizing gel acts as the final clique step. This moisturizer after applied after the previous steps will ensure your skin remains flexible and natural since it will ensure your skin maintains its optimal hydration balance.

How to best use skin care products

These skin care problems do not promise to control all types of skin conditions. However, for the various conditions that they can control, you are assured of enjoying amazing results. These products are best suited for a problematic and excessively greasy skin.

Skin care products generate mixed reactions. But with these skin care gels, you are guaranteed of results that will put a smile on your face and leave you oozing with confidence.

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