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Do you need to cover your scars or tattoos? Here is the solution.

Woman with dermacol makeup cover

Make-up professionals and users alike are gushing over this amazing makeup product that is practically a miracle product. Dermacol makeup cover is a full coverage makeup foundation that totally covers anything that is short of perfect on your skin.

With dermacol makeup cover, you get a perfected makeup coverage, no matter your skin tone. With a rich look and smooth application, dermacol makeup cover gives you a finish that leaves your skin velvety and matte.

It is easy to use and blends easily into skin and helps you achieve a high professional finish. With a wide range of shades available, this product has what it takes to cater to the skin coverage needs of women with different skin tones.

Highly recommended and acclaimed by professionals in the makeup, beauty and of course movie industry, it has become the favorite among users who cannot simply get over this near-miraculous foundation.

Dermacol Makeup Cover

What can Dermacol makeup cover do?

From acne to pimples, dark under-eye, soon blemishes, loss of pigmentation, sunburn, scars from surgery, tattoos, birthmarks, moles, and a whole lot of skin imperfections.

Get rid of unpleasant spots, look good without blemishes, look good for the cameras, cover bad scars from accidents and achieve a perfect finish, blend those different skin tones into one. Simply create magic with this foundation.

Who should use this product?

Everyone! Be you a professional makeup artist, a newbie, a self-taught makeup lover, a costume makeup artist! Everyone can and should use dermacol makeup cover.  This product is so incredible that Hollywood had to acquire the license of this product.

How does dermacol makeup cover work?

Dermacol makeup cover is a full coverage foundation, it is pigmented and will offer full coverage even when applied in thin layers. It can be used as a color correction product, to lighten or darken the skin tone, to achieve skin tone balance. It is not just for facial use but can also be applied to the whole body.

You can catch your favorite actress using this for her next play or your favorite celebrity trying a shade that is best for her skin at the shop or your favorite celebrity makeup artist applying the most elegant blending strokes on those muses because everyone is in love with this foundation and why shouldn’t they? It gives a high cover perfect finish!

What are you waiting for? Shop this amazing, again near miracle beauty product and get one for your friends and loved ones. This makeup product should be in every makeup bag, on every vanity table and should be a girl’s new best friend.

The best brush to apply your eye shadow

eyeshadow brushThey say diamonds are a woman’s best friend.  Make-up is a woman’s best armor. If the eyes are the Windows to the soul, eyes shadows are the window dressings and Eyeshadow brushes are the decorator.

What is an Eyeshadow brush?

Okay. Enough with all the adage.  Let us talk makeup. Most importantly let us talk eyeshadow and eyeshadow brushes. Eyeshadow brushes are used to apply eyeshadows on the eyelids. Right? Simple as that.

Back in the days make up was a straightforward affair.  Foundation, powder, eye shadow, eye liner, eye pencils, lipstick and rouge which the younger generation calls blush. These days make up has gone to a whole new level! From matifatiiers, to highlighter, lip liners, eye primers, bronzers, concealers, primers, name it, makeup is an art all on its own. With this new level of makeup comes a new range of tools and for someone who is a newbie to the new school of “on fleek makeup “these tools can be daunting.

BRUSHART Face makeup brushes

Importance of Proper Eyeshadow Brushes

When applying eyeshadows or make up of any kind it is important that you use the right tool. Proper Eyeshadow brushes should allow for smooth application of the eyeshadow. In small brush sets, you will most likely find the Eyeshadow brush that has a pointed or round foam like top. In a large (full kit) makeup brush sets these are a few brushes you will come across. We will be detailing them and their uses.

The large sweep Eyeshadow brushes is effective for applying a sweep (large area) of powder eyeshadow on your eyelid. Other uses include contouring. The c shaped Eyeshadow brushe is also effective for powder eyeshadow application, although over a small area.

The angled eyeshadow brush will allow you apply powder eyeshadow to creases and give the eyeshadow a cut like look. The precision eyeshadow brush will also allow you apply eyeshadows to small areas.

While the flat eyeshadow brushes will allow you soften your eyeshadow. It is also useful when applying products to small areas. The cream eyeshadow brush is used to apply cream eyeshadow and can double as a concealer or lipstick brush.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with your fluffy blending brush which is amazing for transitioning and blending out harsh lines. What we love most about eyeshadow brushes is their double duty nature. You can have five eyeshadow brushes and be halfway ready for a makeup session (Yes session that is what it is).

For the best kind of fibers you want to consider when buying your eyeshadow brushes, synthetic fibers made from nylon are good for liquid product application, while natural divers made from animal hairs are good for powder products. With this, your fluffy blending brush, large sweep eyeshadow brushes will be best as natural fibers. In the case you are buying a set, we advise you to stick to synthetic fibers.

Foundation or Concealer? Why not both

Woman applying concealer

It is possible to confuse foundation and concealer to mean one same thing, but a deeper look into it would reveal that they both are different concept altogether. Both literally and functionally, foundation and concealer mean two different things on their own. On a general note, both foundation and concealer are a makeup tool that helps to prepare the skin tone for makeup application evenly.

While foundation and concealer are both different products, as well as functions differently they, however, have a common relationship, which is to prepare the skin for proper makeup. And that does not mean their functions are compartmentalized. They are two different things. In a moment, you should understand how a concealer works differently from a makeup foundation. Keep tabs to find out their relationships and major takeaways.

Difference between a Concealer and a Foundation Makeup

Concealer is a “spot” solution – for under eye circles, for blemishes, etc. a foundation, on the other hand, is applied all over the face to even out the skin tone, make all redness and uneven color alike, etc. If you have only faint blemishes, the foundation can cover them, but for more significant blemishes, or dark circles, you would need a concealer to cover the discoloration fully

Foundation and concealer are products intended to give one’s skin an even tone and complexion.

Foundation is intended to cover the entire face and maybe portions of the neck, depending on the individual’s coverage needs.  It comes in various consistencies, some being oil based, some being water based; however, one most common ingredient is talc, as in the mineral used for baby powder.

Max Factor Panstik

Foundation And Concealer In One

They Can Still be Both Depending on the Face

Concealer is intended to cover particular areas or blemishes on the skin.  This could be as simple as covering a wretched zit mark or as complex as camouflaging severe skin discolorations, such as birthmarks or vitiligo.  It is for this reason that concealer also comes in many consistencies.

Concealers can be used as a standalone product if your goal is covering a spot to blend it with your natural skin tone.  Often, they are used in tandem with foundations, applied before or after, dictated by the area of concern and the user’s taste.

Concealers, at least those that I have used, do not usually include talc.  They primarily use oils and waxes as an ingredient, as well as higher pigment, or color, volume than does a typical foundation.  This allows them to be more concentrated and achieve stronger coverage.

There are, of course, many more formulaic differences between the two.  This becomes necessary if allergies are your concern.  For the best info, ask associates at the various counters to explain what one can do for you vs. the other.  That was how I learned

The biggest difference between concealer and foundation is the amount of pigment.

As you might guess from its name, concealer is used to conceal/ hide imperfections and thus has a much higher amount of pigment than foundation. The consistency is also much thicker.

Concealer is used to hide blemishes, dark circles under eyes, etc. Whereas foundation is used on your entire face to even out your complexion.

Concealer usually also comes in much smaller containers than foundation because it is not meant to be used on your entire face.

Major Takeaways

  • A concealer, as the name implies, is a cosmetic product used to conceal/hide minor imperfections, dark spots, scars, and marks visible on the skin. Concealers act as a temporary makeup solution to hide skin defects. It works magically when it comes to hiding black circles and imperfections by blending perfectly into the skin, making it smooth and even.
  • Do not apply a concealer on the face. It is used only to cover stains, grains, and imperfections.
  • The correctors are thicker than the base, which makes it an ideal option for prompt
  • They come in the form of sticks, liquid, and dust.
  • Corrector, when applied to the eyelids, provides a perfect base for the application of eye shadows.
  • Concealers are available in all possible color combinations. Just find the perfect one for your skin tone.
  • The choice of correct concealer depends on the shadow of the foundation. The concealer should be a lighter than the liquid base to be used.In a nut shell, thinking of a concealer and a foundation as complementary rather than a substitute would go a long way in representing their needfulness in professional makeup delivery.

So, the question: why not both, depends on the nature of your skin. Foundation and concealer can either be used on some occasion and may not be used on some other occasion, but the assumption is, people barely have a perfect skin so, on the other hand, they can be both.

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