man with hair clay

Hair is a vanity of every man and women and having the perfect waves floating on your head has become a necessity. We all want those flawless styles and waves to stick where they are. A great aid to fixing those hairstyles is hair wax and clay. However, with so many products out there, it seemed as if I was drowning in the avalanche of possible solutions to my problem.

One product that I really wanted to try was the loreal hair clay. I heard it gave great results, which looked subtle and natural, exactly the look I was going for. Therefore, I decided I would try out for myself. Much to my surprise, I found that the product worked pretty well for my hair. In fact, I have hardly used a hair product that goes so well with my hair. Therefore, here are four reasons why I think this hair clay is a must-buy.

Strong Hold

I found that the loreal hair clay held my hair really well. Not only did it make my hair stay in a special style, but also I found that applying it to my hair also made it easier to make the hairstyle in the first place. I was impressed by its long-standing action as the hair clay lasted all day, keeping my hair prim with only small touch ups occasionally.

Subtle finish

Unlike most hair products, the Loreal hair clay did not leave an oily or stiff finish. Instead, it allowed my hair to stay prim and proper with the slightest hint that I had done anything to it. I am really bothered by the artificial shine or gleam that many hair products have, so this was a winner for me. I went out with my hair done properly and even with the flash of a camera, which normally brings out hair products, the hair clay stood its test and allowed me to have the perfect hairstyle without a hint of any artificial gleam.

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Serene Scent

Many hair products have that striking scent that really gets to you. In fact, it is so much that it usually gets hard to breathe and makes it evident to everyone around you. Loreal hair cay is different. It has a sweet smell that blends in with your natural odor giving you a seamless result. You do not have to worry about smelling like chemicals, the loreal hair clay will complement your own scent with its light and sweet odor.

No harsh chemicals

One major thing that got me hooked on this product was its list of ingredients. The product did not have any toxic chemicals, which could potentially damage my hair. Once I took it off, my hair was shiny and healthy, unlike the normally dehydrated and rough texture of strands that usually result after application of hair gels. This is why I would use the loreal hair clay again and again.

Considering all of these factors, my first choice of hair styling products is the loreal hair clay. Its subtle finish, non-toxic nature and effective action make it my go-to hair product every time.