All in one – pink makeup

Pink makeup

What’s the best thing after the gift of a full professional makeup box? A portable all-in-one makeup kit! Lancome palette Absolu Voyage eye makeup product is an all in one pink makeup product that comes with several makeup products in one package.  Nifty right?

What does the Lancome palette eye makeup set contain?

Hidden within this Lancome palette Absolu Voyage makeup set treasure box, is a mascara in virtuose black, a Le contour pro rosé thé lip liner, a le crayon khol noir eyeliner, a blush in subtil rose sable, compact powder in poudre majeur translucide, lipgloss is a gloss a levres while the concealer is a beige Clair in 02 and  beige 03 and the eyeshadow is in ombre absolu with two absolu lipsticks coupled with the blush applicator, the eyeshadow applicator, lipstick applicator and powder applicator. Again this is a treasure box for pink makeup.

Lancome palette Absolu Voyage

Why would you need the Lancome palette all in one pink makeup set?

The Lancome palette  Absolu Voyage makeup set is as its name implies. This is your kit if your go-to makeup look is pink and you would rather not than lug around a humongous makeup box when going on a trip or your travel box is all packed up and there is absolutely no space for your makeup bag. The Lancome all in one pink makeup is a must-have. You cannot beat the makeup options available and the size.

The Lancome palette voyage is like walking around with a magic shrunk down professional makeup box. Every item in this all in one pink makeup has been carefully selected to compliment each other and to give you a perfect look after application. Despite its compact size, each makeup product has the same effect and application of its normal sized version.

Lancome products are known for their incredible look, so this is an amazing investment. With Lancome palette Absolu Voyage all in one pink makeup set, you not only have your favorite makeup brand, you get your favorite go-to makeup look, all major part of a full, almost professional makeup set in one portable kit.

Never used a Lancome palette before?

Here is your chance to try this absolutely lovely beauty brand and what better way than an all in one makeup kit.  Propagated by a host of Hollywood actresses, Lancome is a major player in the beauty industry and they continue to maintain high standards with their beauty products.

Interested in getting this makeup treasure box?

Trendy lipstick for this fall

Woman with fall lipstick

Did you enjoy this Summer with our selection Top 5 Nail Polish Colors? Be trendy this Fall too with our tips for trendy fall lipstick!

A well-rounded makeup has the right lipstick to finish it off. Agree? What we love about fall lipstick is the wide range of colors available to play with. From very light shades to all up in your face, bold colors, fall lipstick shades are lovely, pretty and the perfect spread for those pretty lips.

Whether you have a long day or a long night, one thing you will definitely agree with is that nothing beats a makeup that lasts all day or all night. How annoying will it be to have to reapply your lipstick after every 3 hours? Uggh!

Well not so anymore! With some long-lasting fall lipstick, you can forget about worrying about the duration of your lipstick.

When can you use the long lasting fall lipstick?

Whether you are wearing it for a day look and your activity requires a lot work and glowing (because ladies don’t sweat, right?), or a night look and you get busy shimmying around, you can have fun, be focused and not worry about your fall lipstick coming off, staining somebody or getting chapped.

RIMMEL Lasting Finish - trendy fall lipsticks

How does the finish look like?

With this long-lasting fall lipstick, you get a smooth, non-flaky, lasting finish. Easy to apply and small enough to fit into your evening clutch.

Enjoy the wide ranges of colors available this fall from this long-lasting fall lipstick product line. Trendy colors with hints of playful to take you from cute to charming to professional and downright hot!

With some discount prices, you do not have to break the bank to purchase a couple of these lovely fall lipsticks ( a girl needs more than one shade of lipstick). Shops have different shades available and ready to be shipped out.

Step into the world of amazing long lasting lip finish and fill your eyes and your makeup purses with different shades available from the trendy fall lipstick range. The frame that perfect pout, fill those lips and spread them out in the perfect smile with our smooth finish lipstick.

Enjoy these one swipe full application trendy fall lipstick. With deep pigments, you do not to break the stick to get a perfect application. No. One swipe, one perfect application, smooth finish, long lasting look. Good to go!

What shades should you look out for?

Fancy a pretty pink nude shade or a cutting-edge deep red or some lovely airy fairy look or a drop of sherry or perhaps a sweet candy? We got you covered.

Get some shimmer in coffee or amethyst to rub, love and slay.

What do you say? Want to be trendy and look amazing this fall with amazing fall lipsticks and still have your savings intact? Start shopping!

Do you need to cover your scars or tattoos? Here is the solution.

Woman with dermacol makeup cover

Make-up professionals and users alike are gushing over this amazing makeup product that is practically a miracle product. Dermacol makeup cover is a full coverage makeup foundation that totally covers anything that is short of perfect on your skin.

With dermacol makeup cover, you get a perfected makeup coverage, no matter your skin tone. With a rich look and smooth application, dermacol makeup cover gives you a finish that leaves your skin velvety and matte.

It is easy to use and blends easily into skin and helps you achieve a high professional finish. With a wide range of shades available, this product has what it takes to cater to the skin coverage needs of women with different skin tones.

Highly recommended and acclaimed by professionals in the makeup, beauty and of course movie industry, it has become the favorite among users who cannot simply get over this near-miraculous foundation.

Dermacol Makeup Cover

What can Dermacol makeup cover do?

From acne to pimples, dark under-eye, soon blemishes, loss of pigmentation, sunburn, scars from surgery, tattoos, birthmarks, moles, and a whole lot of skin imperfections.

Get rid of unpleasant spots, look good without blemishes, look good for the cameras, cover bad scars from accidents and achieve a perfect finish, blend those different skin tones into one. Simply create magic with this foundation.

Who should use this product?

Everyone! Be you a professional makeup artist, a newbie, a self-taught makeup lover, a costume makeup artist! Everyone can and should use dermacol makeup cover.  This product is so incredible that Hollywood had to acquire the license of this product.

How does dermacol makeup cover work?

Dermacol makeup cover is a full coverage foundation, it is pigmented and will offer full coverage even when applied in thin layers. It can be used as a color correction product, to lighten or darken the skin tone, to achieve skin tone balance. It is not just for facial use but can also be applied to the whole body.

You can catch your favorite actress using this for her next play or your favorite celebrity trying a shade that is best for her skin at the shop or your favorite celebrity makeup artist applying the most elegant blending strokes on those muses because everyone is in love with this foundation and why shouldn’t they? It gives a high cover perfect finish!

What are you waiting for? Shop this amazing, again near miracle beauty product and get one for your friends and loved ones. This makeup product should be in every makeup bag, on every vanity table and should be a girl’s new best friend.

The best brush to apply your eye shadow

eyeshadow brushThey say diamonds are a woman’s best friend.  Make-up is a woman’s best armor. If the eyes are the Windows to the soul, eyes shadows are the window dressings and Eyeshadow brushes are the decorator.

What is an Eyeshadow brush?

Okay. Enough with all the adage.  Let us talk makeup. Most importantly let us talk eyeshadow and eyeshadow brushes. Eyeshadow brushes are used to apply eyeshadows on the eyelids. Right? Simple as that.

Back in the days make up was a straightforward affair.  Foundation, powder, eye shadow, eye liner, eye pencils, lipstick and rouge which the younger generation calls blush. These days make up has gone to a whole new level! From matifatiiers, to highlighter, lip liners, eye primers, bronzers, concealers, primers, name it, makeup is an art all on its own. With this new level of makeup comes a new range of tools and for someone who is a newbie to the new school of “on fleek makeup “these tools can be daunting.

BRUSHART Face makeup brushes

Importance of Proper Eyeshadow Brushes

When applying eyeshadows or make up of any kind it is important that you use the right tool. Proper Eyeshadow brushes should allow for smooth application of the eyeshadow. In small brush sets, you will most likely find the Eyeshadow brush that has a pointed or round foam like top. In a large (full kit) makeup brush sets these are a few brushes you will come across. We will be detailing them and their uses.

The large sweep Eyeshadow brushes is effective for applying a sweep (large area) of powder eyeshadow on your eyelid. Other uses include contouring. The c shaped Eyeshadow brushe is also effective for powder eyeshadow application, although over a small area.

The angled eyeshadow brush will allow you apply powder eyeshadow to creases and give the eyeshadow a cut like look. The precision eyeshadow brush will also allow you apply eyeshadows to small areas.

While the flat eyeshadow brushes will allow you soften your eyeshadow. It is also useful when applying products to small areas. The cream eyeshadow brush is used to apply cream eyeshadow and can double as a concealer or lipstick brush.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with your fluffy blending brush which is amazing for transitioning and blending out harsh lines. What we love most about eyeshadow brushes is their double duty nature. You can have five eyeshadow brushes and be halfway ready for a makeup session (Yes session that is what it is).

For the best kind of fibers you want to consider when buying your eyeshadow brushes, synthetic fibers made from nylon are good for liquid product application, while natural divers made from animal hairs are good for powder products. With this, your fluffy blending brush, large sweep eyeshadow brushes will be best as natural fibers. In the case you are buying a set, we advise you to stick to synthetic fibers.

Foundation or Concealer? Why not both

Woman applying concealer

It is possible to confuse foundation and concealer to mean one same thing, but a deeper look into it would reveal that they both are different concept altogether. Both literally and functionally, foundation and concealer mean two different things on their own. On a general note, both foundation and concealer are a makeup tool that helps to prepare the skin tone for makeup application evenly.

While foundation and concealer are both different products, as well as functions differently they, however, have a common relationship, which is to prepare the skin for proper makeup. And that does not mean their functions are compartmentalized. They are two different things. In a moment, you should understand how a concealer works differently from a makeup foundation. Keep tabs to find out their relationships and major takeaways.

Difference between a Concealer and a Foundation Makeup

Concealer is a “spot” solution – for under eye circles, for blemishes, etc. a foundation, on the other hand, is applied all over the face to even out the skin tone, make all redness and uneven color alike, etc. If you have only faint blemishes, the foundation can cover them, but for more significant blemishes, or dark circles, you would need a concealer to cover the discoloration fully

Foundation and concealer are products intended to give one’s skin an even tone and complexion.

Foundation is intended to cover the entire face and maybe portions of the neck, depending on the individual’s coverage needs.  It comes in various consistencies, some being oil based, some being water based; however, one most common ingredient is talc, as in the mineral used for baby powder.

Max Factor Panstik

Foundation And Concealer In One

They Can Still be Both Depending on the Face

Concealer is intended to cover particular areas or blemishes on the skin.  This could be as simple as covering a wretched zit mark or as complex as camouflaging severe skin discolorations, such as birthmarks or vitiligo.  It is for this reason that concealer also comes in many consistencies.

Concealers can be used as a standalone product if your goal is covering a spot to blend it with your natural skin tone.  Often, they are used in tandem with foundations, applied before or after, dictated by the area of concern and the user’s taste.

Concealers, at least those that I have used, do not usually include talc.  They primarily use oils and waxes as an ingredient, as well as higher pigment, or color, volume than does a typical foundation.  This allows them to be more concentrated and achieve stronger coverage.

There are, of course, many more formulaic differences between the two.  This becomes necessary if allergies are your concern.  For the best info, ask associates at the various counters to explain what one can do for you vs. the other.  That was how I learned

The biggest difference between concealer and foundation is the amount of pigment.

As you might guess from its name, concealer is used to conceal/ hide imperfections and thus has a much higher amount of pigment than foundation. The consistency is also much thicker.

Concealer is used to hide blemishes, dark circles under eyes, etc. Whereas foundation is used on your entire face to even out your complexion.

Concealer usually also comes in much smaller containers than foundation because it is not meant to be used on your entire face.

Major Takeaways

  • A concealer, as the name implies, is a cosmetic product used to conceal/hide minor imperfections, dark spots, scars, and marks visible on the skin. Concealers act as a temporary makeup solution to hide skin defects. It works magically when it comes to hiding black circles and imperfections by blending perfectly into the skin, making it smooth and even.
  • Do not apply a concealer on the face. It is used only to cover stains, grains, and imperfections.
  • The correctors are thicker than the base, which makes it an ideal option for prompt
  • They come in the form of sticks, liquid, and dust.
  • Corrector, when applied to the eyelids, provides a perfect base for the application of eye shadows.
  • Concealers are available in all possible color combinations. Just find the perfect one for your skin tone.
  • The choice of correct concealer depends on the shadow of the foundation. The concealer should be a lighter than the liquid base to be used.In a nut shell, thinking of a concealer and a foundation as complementary rather than a substitute would go a long way in representing their needfulness in professional makeup delivery.

So, the question: why not both, depends on the nature of your skin. Foundation and concealer can either be used on some occasion and may not be used on some other occasion, but the assumption is, people barely have a perfect skin so, on the other hand, they can be both.

Damaged Hair? Here is a solution – Olaplex No 3

Do you have a damaged hair? Good news, there is a solution designed to reconnect all those disulfide bonds right through your hair shaft. Prior to these bonds, these have actually been broken from heat styling, mechanical abuse, and chemical services.

Upon the introduction of Olaplex no 3, users will enjoy the many benefits that it could offer. This is also provided that it will be used consistently. Even a chemically treated or chemically dyed hair will also be treated the best way possible. It is also designed to effectively help home users dye their hair professionally. With this hair perfector No.3, users will be able to retain their color and will be able to treat their hair.

Olaplex No.3―Just Does Its Job

OLAPLEX No 3 Professional Hair Perfector

The Olaplex No.3 is designed for the purpose of home application. This does its job of strengthening hair at the most molecular level. In addition to that, it makes the hair strands healthier and stronger. It also helps rebuild the broken or damaged chemical bonds. It further builds the hair and the strength that it once has. This is also right after considering Olaplex no 3 repeatedly.

Due to the very reason that it contains the very same active ingredient like in No.1 and then in No.2, it could even more utilized to further optimize the hair condition. You could obtain this treatment even at home in order that it becomes effective.

Even with the frequent times of bleaching and coloring, the Olaplex no 3 will further help repair the damage. It also effectively reduces breakage and helps hair to grow longer. The appearance of all those split ends will also be greatly reduced. The hair will also become smoother, more manageable and shinier than ever. That frizz will also be simply avoided provided that it is followed the right way possible.

Difference to Other Conditioning Treatment Products

The Olaplex no 3 is different from other conditioning treatments because it completely changes the internal structure of the hair. In addition to that, it helps increase the elasticity and strength of the hair. With other conditioning treatments, they coat the hair shaft and provide for only the temporary results. But with it, it protects and it strengthens the hair. It also provides for the most permanent results that you will definitely be impressed the most.

In addition to that, the home treatment works on various hair types from over-processed to virgin and severely damaged and broken hair.  This also works well on a color treated hair which has been broken and damaged by bleach processes and repeated coloring.

If you aim to experiment with all hair color dyes without pushing its limits and without the fear of breakage, Olaplex no 3 will help when it comes to heat damage. This damage is brought by the overuse of hot tools. This may have also been brought by the mechanical manipulation like aggressive brushing and wet combing.

In conclusion, the Olaplex no 3 is the best from all others because it changes the internal structure of the hair. It also increases the elasticity and the strength of the hair. In using it on a consistent basis, expect further of getting all of its benefits!

Electric Toothbrush and Why to Use It

An electric toothbrush is a type of toothbrush which makes automatic and rapid bristle motions when cleaning the teeth. Motion at given sonic speeds or even below is usually made by a motor. Modern electric toothbrushes are commonly powered by rechargeable batteries that are charged via inductive charging when brush sits in charging base between uses. This product is classified based on speed or frequency of movements as ultrasonic or sonic or power toothbrushes. However, this still depends on whether these toothbrushes make movements which are over or below audible range.

Good Reasons to Use Electric Toothbrush

It I highly suggested to shift to an electric toothbrush and start using it simply because of the following reasons:

  • More Strokes Every Minute- One of the best things about the electric brush is that it provides more strokes per minute as compared to a standard toothbrush. This simply means you can hit almost every tooth while you are brushing.
  • Easier Brushing-Electric toothbrush guarantees easier brushing because it does most of the job. Brushing your teeth, therefore, requires less effort.
  • Deeper Cleaning-Regardless of how hard you really try, you won’t just be able to eliminate all plaque from your teeth using a standard toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is specially designed to clean even the hard to reach areas or surfaces.
  • Built-in Timers-If you use an electric toothbrush, you’ll know how long you’ve brushed enough.

ORAL B Genius 8900 D701.535.5HXC

Oral B Electric Toothbrush– The Key towards the Easiest and Best Way of Taking Care of Your Teeth

The broad world of electric toothbrushes is somehow complicated. But if you are searching for the best electric toothbrush to take care of your teeth, Oral B Electric Toothbrush is an excellent choice.   This premium electric toothbrush is widely recognized for its active 3D technology. This means that this product is capable of removing dental plaque and dirt contained in harder to reach areas or surfaces.

This brush has branched and soft bristles beveled at 16-degree angle, therefore, this can get around every tooth easily. This is even made possible by is 8880 vibrations and 400,000 pulses per minute. The Oral B Electric Toothbrush is a highly innovative and effective electric toothbrush that can kill even the most stubborn germs and bacteria. Another great feature of this electric toothbrush is that it features exclusive Bluetooth technology. You can even download the application into your phone to obtain easy ways to clean teeth and improve your brushing habits. The innovative technology in detecting the position of the electric toothbrush avoids missing spots.

This toothbrush also includes triple sensor which helps in determining the right pressure on the gums and the built-in timer notifies you about the proper time for teeth cleaning.

ORAL B Genius 8900 D701.535.5HXC

The Unique Properties of Oral B Electric Toothbrush

The following are unique properties that set this product apart from other similar products:

  • Cleans the teeth effectively with the dynamic 3D technology
  • Measures pressure on the gums
  • Whitens teeth and remove stains easier and quicker
  • Detects brush’s position
  • Comes with premium quality lithium ion battery

If you are of quality, efficiency and great features for an electric toothbrush, the Oral B Electric Toothbrush is worth choosing for.

What Is Makeup Primer Good For?

Makeup primer is the base for face makeup or the foundation which allows it to last longer and go on smoother. If you have not been using makeup primer, then you are really missing out. Whether you are wearing full lace makeup every day or you wanted to just keep it simple using your cream and you tinted lip balm, the best makeup primer is said to be godsend especially if you are trying to combat shine or wanting to create a smooth base for the foundation.

What Best Makeup Primer to Choose?

LANCÔME Makeup Primer

There are certainly lots of brands available in the market these days but if you want the best makeup primer, Lancome Primer is the perfect makeup option to take.  This is an oil-free and quality makeup base that essentially creates smoother, more radiant and longer lasting canvas for a perfectly polished look.

What this amazing makeup primer does is refine the texture of the skin and diffuses light to effectively and visibly minimize imperfections creating the beautiful and satin-soft finish. The makeup seamlessly glides on while the color stays more vibrant and true for airbrushed looks that can last the entire day.

Unlike other makeup primers, the Lancome Primer does not feel greasy on the skin and it doesn’t clog pores. This makeup primer, therefore, creates the perfect canvas for your makeup to actually go on.

The Great Benefits of Using Lancome Primer  

This premium quality makeup primer ensures that the makeup glides seamlessly and this product also helps color remain vibrant and true. This also guarantees most refined texture of the skin through diffusing light to eliminate imperfections with the satiny-soft finish.

The complete list of benefits of using Lancome Primer includes the following:

  • Glides evenly on the skin
  • Refines the skin’s texture
  • Guarantees better makeup wear
  • More vibrant color
  • Leaves the skin satiny-soft and perfectly matte
  • Never greasy and ideal for all skin types
  • Features Elasto-Smooth Technology which is also responsible for forming silk-like network in the skin resulting in soft-focus effects
  • Oil-free formula that controls shine and feels comfortable in the skin
  • This wonderful product also contains emollients and silicon which create even canvass for the Foundation

With this product’s great features and the benefits it provides such as more polished look, Lancome Primer is definitely the key. There are many good reasons to trust and use this product. One of this is that this carries a trusted brand name, therefore, you are assured that you are using a safe and quality makeup primer. Lancome is a universally accepted brand which is widely known for their perfumes and makeup products. This is truly revolutionary when it comes to cosmetics.

Lancome Primer is indeed one of the leading makeup primers that you need to try. This product offers decent value that is worth your money.  With this primer, wearing makeup becomes easier, more manageable to do and of course more enjoyable considering the guaranteed perfect look that this makeup primer ensures all users. This product is an excellent addition to your makeup collections.

Makeup Brushes and How to Use Them

It is important to use the right makeup brushes when doing your makeup. When you buy a makeup brush, you should rinse or wash it first to remove any loose hair, leftover residue or excess dye. After washing or rinsing the brushes, clean them on a piece of paper towel and allow them to dry. Prevent splaying by reshaping the brushes while allowing them to dry. Using a damaged brush will ruin your makeup. There are different types of makeup brushes and each of them has their own uses. The powder brush is the largest brush that you should have in your collection. It helps set and soften the foundation. This brush is often used to dust loose powder on the face and set the makeup as well as remove any shine caused by the makeup.

Another type of brush that you should have is the eye shadow brush. It allows you to get the right amount of color to the eyelids. The eye shadow brush doesn’t leave behind lines in case you are planning to use two or more colors. An eyeliner brush can help soften pencil lines. You can use it to mix different shades of eye shadow to achieve a smoky effect or apply wet eye shadow. Lip brushes can be used for even coverage.

Types of Makeup Brushes

Concealer Brush

It’s a small brush that can pinpoint certain areas needing extra coverage or for cleaning up messy lipstick edges.

Beauty Blender

You can use the tip of the sponge to pinpoint small areas and reach creases around your nose. It can also be used to remove excess product, apply cream blush or blend out strong makeup lines.

Smudger Brush

A smudger brush can be used to soften eyeliner to achieve a smoky effect. You can also use this brush to target areas around your eye like the outer and inner corners when you’re applying strong pigment.

Foundation Brush

This brush can be used to smooth cream foundation or smooth liquid for streak-free application.

Kabuki Brush

It can be used to evenly distribute product across the body or face or to apply powders and bronzers.

Angled Blush Brush

This brush has slanted bristles that allow you to apply products easily to the cheekbones. You can also use it to apply contour powder below the cheekbones to accentuate your natural contours.

Fan Brush

A fan brush can be used to gently apply powders or remove fallen products. You can also dip the ends of the brush in mascara and pain your eyelashes.

Angled Eyeliner Brush

An angled eyeliner brush can be used to easily line lashes with gel liner or cream. It can also be used to define or fill in sparse eyebrows with brow powder.

Lash/Brow Comb/Brush

You can use this brush to tame, de-clump or comb your brows and lashes. The brush bristles can also be used to smudge eyeliner lightly.

Blending Brush

A blending brush has soft bristles that diffuse eye shadow in the crease of the eyes. You can also use it to blend highlighter on the cupid’s bow, brow bones, and cheekbones.

All-Over Eye Shadow Brush

An all-over eye shadow brush can be used to uniformly apply cream shadows and powder. For a smoky effect, you can use the brush to dab on shadow under your lower lash line.

Use the right makeup brushes and achieve the perfect makeup for you!

How to Rehydrate Skin – Sisley Ecological Compound

Dry skin can make you feel and look older than your real age. Skin hydration is among your main goals in your skin regimen to prevent wrinkles and premature aging. You can use home remedies and a high-quality skin moisturizer to have glowing skin. Here are some tips on how to rehydrate skin.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking eight glasses of water every day is important. If you don’t drink water, your body won’t have enough moisture and it will show as a sallow complexion and dryness. Keep a water bottle with you all the time, so you can monitor how much water you have consumed.

Use a Humidifier

SISLEY Ecological Compound

A humidifier can help counteract dry air that can pull moisture from the skin. If you’re often exposed to an atmosphere with dry air or the place you’re living in has a dry climate, you can mist your skin with pure clean water in order to rehydrate it. You can also get a hydrating mist for this purpose.

Skin Moisturizer

Using a high-quality skin moisturizer is important as you have to seal the moisture into the skin, so it does not evaporate into the air. You should also limit hot showers and baths since harsh temperatures can dry the skin. Apply body oil or skin moisturizer as soon you step out of the tub or shower to retain moisture while your skin is damp.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is a must. Your diet should have lots of antioxidants from fresh veggies and fruits. These foods prevent oxidization which ages and breaks down the skin. The fluid content in veggies and fruits also provide the body with extra moisture.

SISLEY Ecological Compound

Find Products Made for Skin Hydration

You should look for products that are made for skin hydration. Natural ingredients that support hydration include honey, avocado oil, and macadamia oil. You should consider taking nutrient and vitamin supplements that are formulated for healthier skin.

One of the best products that you can use for skin hydration is the Sisley Ecological Compound. Sisley is among the world’s largest manufacturers of cosmetics and luxury perfumes. Their products have essential oils that are enhanced with natural ingredients from different plants. The Ecological Compound from Sisley is ideal for all age groups and all types of complexion.

The hydrating skin care product consists of a synergistic blend of plants picked for their revitalizing and stimulating properties. These plants include ginseng, Centella Asiatica, rosemary, horsetail, and hops. Aside from hydrating the epidermis and restoring radiance, the Ecological Compound also helps the skin fight various environmental stresses like cigarette smoke and pollution. It restores the skin to a supple and more toned state, allowing it to maximize the benefits of future treatments. Apply the Sisley Ecological Compound every morning and evening to your neck and face using a gentle massaging motion. The product’s watery, non-greasy texture leaves a matte appearance on the skin, leaving the skin toned, soft and revitalized.

We all want to have beautiful skin and it is now very attainable. Follow these tips and achieve the glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

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