eyeshadow brushThey say diamonds are a woman’s best friend.  Make-up is a woman’s best armor. If the eyes are the Windows to the soul, eyes shadows are the window dressings and Eyeshadow brushes are the decorator.

What is an Eyeshadow brush?

Okay. Enough with all the adage.  Let us talk makeup. Most importantly let us talk eyeshadow and eyeshadow brushes. Eyeshadow brushes are used to apply eyeshadows on the eyelids. Right? Simple as that.

Back in the days make up was a straightforward affair.  Foundation, powder, eye shadow, eye liner, eye pencils, lipstick and rouge which the younger generation calls blush. These days make up has gone to a whole new level! From matifatiiers, to highlighter, lip liners, eye primers, bronzers, concealers, primers, name it, makeup is an art all on its own. With this new level of makeup comes a new range of tools and for someone who is a newbie to the new school of “on fleek makeup “these tools can be daunting.

BRUSHART Face makeup brushes

Importance of Proper Eyeshadow Brushes

When applying eyeshadows or make up of any kind it is important that you use the right tool. Proper Eyeshadow brushes should allow for smooth application of the eyeshadow. In small brush sets, you will most likely find the Eyeshadow brush that has a pointed or round foam like top. In a large (full kit) makeup brush sets these are a few brushes you will come across. We will be detailing them and their uses.

The large sweep Eyeshadow brushes is effective for applying a sweep (large area) of powder eyeshadow on your eyelid. Other uses include contouring. The c shaped Eyeshadow brushe is also effective for powder eyeshadow application, although over a small area.

The angled eyeshadow brush will allow you apply powder eyeshadow to creases and give the eyeshadow a cut like look. The precision eyeshadow brush will also allow you apply eyeshadows to small areas.

While the flat eyeshadow brushes will allow you soften your eyeshadow. It is also useful when applying products to small areas. The cream eyeshadow brush is used to apply cream eyeshadow and can double as a concealer or lipstick brush.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with your fluffy blending brush which is amazing for transitioning and blending out harsh lines. What we love most about eyeshadow brushes is their double duty nature. You can have five eyeshadow brushes and be halfway ready for a makeup session (Yes session that is what it is).

For the best kind of fibers you want to consider when buying your eyeshadow brushes, synthetic fibers made from nylon are good for liquid product application, while natural divers made from animal hairs are good for powder products. With this, your fluffy blending brush, large sweep eyeshadow brushes will be best as natural fibers. In the case you are buying a set, we advise you to stick to synthetic fibers.