Do you have a damaged hair? Good news, there is a solution designed to reconnect all those disulfide bonds right through your hair shaft. Prior to these bonds, these have actually been broken from heat styling, mechanical abuse, and chemical services.

Upon the introduction of Olaplex no 3, users will enjoy the many benefits that it could offer. This is also provided that it will be used consistently. Even a chemically treated or chemically dyed hair will also be treated the best way possible. It is also designed to effectively help home users dye their hair professionally. With this hair perfector No.3, users will be able to retain their color and will be able to treat their hair.

Olaplex No.3―Just Does Its Job

OLAPLEX No 3 Professional Hair Perfector

The Olaplex No.3 is designed for the purpose of home application. This does its job of strengthening hair at the most molecular level. In addition to that, it makes the hair strands healthier and stronger. It also helps rebuild the broken or damaged chemical bonds. It further builds the hair and the strength that it once has. This is also right after considering Olaplex no 3 repeatedly.

Due to the very reason that it contains the very same active ingredient like in No.1 and then in No.2, it could even more utilized to further optimize the hair condition. You could obtain this treatment even at home in order that it becomes effective.

Even with the frequent times of bleaching and coloring, the Olaplex no 3 will further help repair the damage. It also effectively reduces breakage and helps hair to grow longer. The appearance of all those split ends will also be greatly reduced. The hair will also become smoother, more manageable and shinier than ever. That frizz will also be simply avoided provided that it is followed the right way possible.

Difference to Other Conditioning Treatment Products

The Olaplex no 3 is different from other conditioning treatments because it completely changes the internal structure of the hair. In addition to that, it helps increase the elasticity and strength of the hair. With other conditioning treatments, they coat the hair shaft and provide for only the temporary results. But with it, it protects and it strengthens the hair. It also provides for the most permanent results that you will definitely be impressed the most.

In addition to that, the home treatment works on various hair types from over-processed to virgin and severely damaged and broken hair.  This also works well on a color treated hair which has been broken and damaged by bleach processes and repeated coloring.

If you aim to experiment with all hair color dyes without pushing its limits and without the fear of breakage, Olaplex no 3 will help when it comes to heat damage. This damage is brought by the overuse of hot tools. This may have also been brought by the mechanical manipulation like aggressive brushing and wet combing.

In conclusion, the Olaplex no 3 is the best from all others because it changes the internal structure of the hair. It also increases the elasticity and the strength of the hair. In using it on a consistent basis, expect further of getting all of its benefits!