A woman is incomplete without makeup and her glamour needs few touches of cozy make-up palette to revive her glamour every day. The most important part of make-up is your foundation which must be suiting your day to day needs according to your skin type and tone.

Diorskin Forever Compact Refill Foundation

Diorskin forever compact refill revives your lost glamour and charisma and provide you a natural glow throughout your jam-packed day.

Dior Diorskin Forever Compact Foundation

Dior Diorskin Forever Compact Foundation

The uneven tone is refilled by Dior compact and provides you a long lasting effect and avoids cracks and wrinkles which is usually a trade mark of other foundation. Dior as the name is famous for perfumes and its long lasting fragrances, it provides long-lasting refill on your skin with flawless merger and natural tone. The soft and delicate texture will make you the fan of that compact with regular moisture providing ability as it is sufficient for hydrating the skin the whole tiring day. The compacts provide even tone and hide all wrinkles and bring complete perfection in your make-up. The luxury product will always gratify you. The velvety texture and easy merger with every skin type make it a totally different product. Dior compact is a perfect choice for a perfect lady.

Max Factor Miracle Touch

Max Factor Miracle Touch is another choice that you can grab with trust for using it on your delicate skin. This miracle touch provides miracle to your skin with long lasting shine and glow that you never had before. It has combined with qualified standards that carry youthfulness & smooth texture to your skin. It carefully nourishes your skin and avoids dryness. Max Factor Miracle Touch is one of the finest foundations to choose among high quality brands.

Givenchy Matissime SPF powder

Givenchy Matissime SPF powder is ideal select for ladies that require perfection and completeness in their beauty and style. Givenchy is the name for celebrities and the product is popular for its high standards that provide even skin tone and long-lasting lust and spark to your hidden beauty. Opt for the most famous compact powder which is the choice celebrities and Hollywood’s star. The beauty that enhances your natural looks is the symbol of Givenchy and the name speak it all. The SPF powder suits all skin type and totally is against dryness.

Vichy Teint Ideal

Vichy Teint Ideal is an epitome brightening cream that is perfect for every skin tone. Out of much liquid foundation this one is on its best because of the use of mineral and pure ingredients by the manufactures, these active ingredients soothes the skin and provides the lost glamour and beauty with even skin tone.  For hot divas who want to look fresh and energetic with minimum use of cosmetics, this is all in one product for them.