Did you know that you can create your own red carpet manicure at home? You can now use the Red Carpet Gel Polish Cosmetic Set II to create gorgeous professional gel nails that you could previously only get at salons and spas. The kit draws inspiration from the red carpet and has amazing colors that are trending now giving you the ability to make your nails look amazing in just a few minutes and have them last at least 2 weeks without chipping.

This starter kit is a great purchase as it is not only very innovative but also, has everything you need to start all in great quality. It is a great option that helps you save money that you would otherwise spend at the nail spa. Besides, due to how fast the entire process is, it is handy for people on the go as you can have red carpet manicure in a short period of time before you head out for dinner, a night out or to any other event. Even for someone who has never used the kit before or painted their nails, the kit is easy to use as long as you follow the instructions given.

Red Carpet Gel Polish Starter Kit Cosmetic Set II.

What Is Inside the Kit

The Red Carpet Gel Polish Starter Kit Cosmetic Set II contains Max Adhesion Prep Sanitizer 9 ml, Base Coat Gel 9 ml, Seal and Shine Top Coat Gel 9 ml, Nourishing Cuticle Oil 9 ml, LED Nail Gel Polish 9 ml, Pre and Post Application Cleanser Purify 59 ml, Nail Gel Polish Remover 59 ml, Portable Plug-in LED Light and its adapter. The prep sanitizer and cleansers help prepare the nails for gel polish application while the base coat forms a canvass for the application process. Once you apply the gel polish and cure the nails under the LED light, it forms a great dry, glossy finish that is red carpet manicure worthy. Along with the nourishing cuticle oils, your nails are hardened both when the gel polish is on and after you remove it with the nail gel polish remover included in the kit. Besides, you don’t have any hard cuticle bits poking out to ruin the polished look.

Why pay the same amount for a manicure at the spa that you could use to buy a gel polish kit you will use to get great-looking red carpet manicure over and over again for a long period of time? The kit is not only convenient to use and a great investment but also, a way to train yourself to create better red carpet manicure with each application.