Do you want to dazzle everyone with a white bright smile? Are you worried that your teeth keep yellowing over time? You may have seen the many tricks that are touted to give you whiter teeth from the use of baking soda (which is abrasive to your enamel by the way) to apple cider vinegar, gel trays and at home whitening strips and kits. But while some may work over a long period of time, why not choose the best option: toothpaste with teeth whitening effect? This is a hassle-free way to get the white teeth you want easily.

MEDIBLANC Whitening Toothpaste is toothpaste that has a powerful teeth whitening effect. It is unique in that it not only whitens your teeth but also, makes your breath fresh while removing any sediment that gets stuck between your teeth. But even better, unlike harsh tricks and kits that may whiten yet leave lasting damage to your enamel, MEDIBLANC has unique ingredients mixed up in unique processes that result in a highly effective yet gentle toothpaste to help you in your quest for whiter cleaner teeth every day. Stains can be as a result of age, red wine, smoking, and caffeine consumption. A teeth whitening toothpaste removes such stains in different ways depending on the brand.

MEDIBLANC Whitening Toothpaste With Whitening Effect

How Mediblanc works

Here is how MEDIBLANC works in order to lift surface stains, prevent them, fight plaque and cavities, keep your breath fresh and ensure your teeth are always clean, healthy and white:

  • It has several phases through which it carries out its whitening property. In all the phases, the toothpaste is not abrasive and hence will not damage your enamel in the long run.
  • The first phase is the wetting phase where your teeth will be moisturized by the rich foam resulting from the toothpaste. This foam contains active ingredients that dislodge plaque and sediment in all the corners of your mouth as well while at the same time creating an environment that discourages the growth of micro-organisms.
  • Enzymes and dental micronized silicates achieve the second phase of care by capturing impurities. Micronized calcium sulphate helps in strengthening the teeth as well rounding off the process of cleaning, whitening and strengthening within a short period of time.
  • Finally, the toothpaste ensures long-lasting freshness due to its micro-encapsulated ingredients that include menthol and peppermint that are gradually released as you brush, ensuring the freshness lasts for long afterward.

This teeth whitening toothpaste does not contain fluoride, artificial sweeteners, irritating preservatives, harmful abrasives, peroxide or parabens. Instead, it is natural and gentle on your oral cavity, teeth, and space between teeth ensuring clean pearly white teeth while also providing protection and extra freshness.