It is important to use the right makeup brushes when doing your makeup. When you buy a makeup brush, you should rinse or wash it first to remove any loose hair, leftover residue or excess dye. After washing or rinsing the brushes, clean them on a piece of paper towel and allow them to dry. Prevent splaying by reshaping the brushes while allowing them to dry. Using a damaged brush will ruin your makeup. There are different types of makeup brushes and each of them has their own uses. The powder brush is the largest brush that you should have in your collection. It helps set and soften the foundation. This brush is often used to dust loose powder on the face and set the makeup as well as remove any shine caused by the makeup.

Another type of brush that you should have is the eye shadow brush. It allows you to get the right amount of color to the eyelids. The eye shadow brush doesn’t leave behind lines in case you are planning to use two or more colors. An eyeliner brush can help soften pencil lines. You can use it to mix different shades of eye shadow to achieve a smoky effect or apply wet eye shadow. Lip brushes can be used for even coverage.

Types of Makeup Brushes

Concealer Brush

It’s a small brush that can pinpoint certain areas needing extra coverage or for cleaning up messy lipstick edges.

Beauty Blender

You can use the tip of the sponge to pinpoint small areas and reach creases around your nose. It can also be used to remove excess product, apply cream blush or blend out strong makeup lines.

Smudger Brush

A smudger brush can be used to soften eyeliner to achieve a smoky effect. You can also use this brush to target areas around your eye like the outer and inner corners when you’re applying strong pigment.

Foundation Brush

This brush can be used to smooth cream foundation or smooth liquid for streak-free application.

Kabuki Brush

It can be used to evenly distribute product across the body or face or to apply powders and bronzers.

Angled Blush Brush

This brush has slanted bristles that allow you to apply products easily to the cheekbones. You can also use it to apply contour powder below the cheekbones to accentuate your natural contours.

Fan Brush

A fan brush can be used to gently apply powders or remove fallen products. You can also dip the ends of the brush in mascara and pain your eyelashes.

Angled Eyeliner Brush

An angled eyeliner brush can be used to easily line lashes with gel liner or cream. It can also be used to define or fill in sparse eyebrows with brow powder.

Lash/Brow Comb/Brush

You can use this brush to tame, de-clump or comb your brows and lashes. The brush bristles can also be used to smudge eyeliner lightly.

Blending Brush

A blending brush has soft bristles that diffuse eye shadow in the crease of the eyes. You can also use it to blend highlighter on the cupid’s bow, brow bones, and cheekbones.

All-Over Eye Shadow Brush

An all-over eye shadow brush can be used to uniformly apply cream shadows and powder. For a smoky effect, you can use the brush to dab on shadow under your lower lash line.

Use the right makeup brushes and achieve the perfect makeup for you!