VICHY Deodorant Aluminum Salts Free

Are you tired of itchy and sweaty underarms? However, scared to apply some deodorant because of all the side effects that might be possible. Well, the non-aluminum Vichy deodorant is a product that you can roll on without any worries.

Why are Aluminum Salts Harmful?

Recent studies suggest that Aluminum salts are among cancer-causing agents, these salts increase the risk of breast cancer according to research studies. The functions of aluminum salts in antiperspirant deodorants are to stop excessive sweating. As you spray or roll on the deodorant, the aluminum salts in the product are directly in contact with the armpit, causing it to enter the sweat glands and stop sweat secretion. The regular use of aluminum salts can clog up the sweat glands and cause serious health hazards.

How Does Non-Aluminum Vichy Deodorant Work?

So, how does non-aluminum Vichy deodorant work if they do not contain any aluminum salts? Containing safe and organic ingredients, this simple hygiene product can tackle sweaty armpits with ease.  You can use Vichy’s deodorant by rolling it on the armpit area; the ingredients will stick to the surface of the skin without a tacky or greasy feeling leaving a smooth fragranced satin finish on the skin without any sort of residue. The product on the coated area masks and cancels out any odor with a fresh fragrance that leaves you feeling fresh and sweat-free for 24hours! In addition, it also contains antibacterial properties that prevent the buildup of odor forming bacteria to treat the problem at the root.

Free Yourself from Deodorant Myths

Another great thing about non-aluminum Vichy deodorant is that you will never have to be afraid of scary deodorant myths. It is paraben free and the alcohol-free formula does not mess with the sensitive skin of your armpits, instead, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky and trust me not all deodorants possess this remarkable quality!

Safe Formulation

The non-aluminum Vichy deodorant is specially formulated for all skin types especially for those who have sensitive skin. It is not only safe to use but is perfect for an everyday application especially for work-oriented individuals. No one likes sweaty armpits or embarrassing odors in business meet-ups or in gatherings, just a single swipe of non-aluminum Vichy deodorant can allow you to say goodbye to all those sweaty problems!

Economical & Travel-Friendly

You can carry this 50ml non-aluminum Vichy deodorant everywhere in your bag or even in your purse. It is travel-friendly and that is what I love about it the most. This has to be my Holy Grail deodorant! Though I gave you my endless reasons on why I adore this product, I must say that being a consistent customer for products that work best for me, the non-aluminum Vichy deodorant lasts me for quite some months and it is the best bargain you can ever get if you’re searching for the best deodorant!

Therefore, the next time you head out, be sure to add Non-Aluminum Vichy Deodorant to your list of must-haves. It is free from harsh chemicals; it is a great product to have on your travels and is very convenient all at the same time.