Are you pretty? Are you beautiful? Are you ready to find out the truth? This quiz is here to help you find out not only how good looking you are but also to understand what makes you beautiful or pretty. Jump in, you are only some clicks away from the results that might open your eyes. And we bet you are more beautiful than you think!


  1. What do you think while standing in front of a mirror?
    1. Gosh, what a perfection
    2. I dig why everybody looks at me wherever I go
    3. I should use some make-up to point out how pretty I am
    4. Maybe I should lose some weight
    5. I’m not really a model, but I am one of a kind


  1. Why do you use make-up?
    1. I don’t, I don’t need it
    2. I don’t know… A habit?
    3. I’m boosting my qualities
    4. I don’t, I’m too lazy for that
    5. It’s my way to express myself


  1. Is there anything you would like to change about your appearance?
    1. Nope, no need for that
    2. I know my imperfections, but no
    3. I am changing all the time – changing clothing style, hairstyle etc.
    4. Yes, I’d like to modify a lot of things about me
    5. Not really… It’s a matter of principle


  1. When you see a person who is prettier than you, you are:
    1. Fine with that
    2. Ready to learn from that person
    3. Slightly jealous
    4. Mad with jealousy
    5. Uninterested to react at all


  1. What is the most important thing regarding your beauty routine?
    1. Proper hygiene
    2. Relaxation activities
    3. Make-up routine
    4. Physical activities
    5. I don’t know… Drinking enough water?


  1. Do you believe beauty comes from the inside?
    1. Partially
    2. Yes, that’s the base of everything
    3. Not so much
    4. I hope so
    5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


  1. Are boys hitting on you frequently?
    1. More than I can stand
    2. Yes, all the time
    3. Yes, I think I can say frequently
    4. Not really
    5. Not at all


  1. Which of these traits do you think is the most prominent in your character?
    1. Cool
    2. Natural
    3. Self-confident
    4. Self-aware
    5. Independent


  1. How would you describe your clothing style?
    1. Elegant
    2. Comfortable
    3. Trendy
    4. Undefined
    5. Original


  1. Do people remember you easily?
    1. Mostly yes
    2. Yes, always, although I’m not sure why
    3. It depends on numerous factors
    4. I don’t think so
    5. Absolutely, I’m one of those people


  1. What do you think makes you pretty?
    1. I think I blend into what people consider pretty
    2. My good genes
    3. I take a good care of my appearance, so – my efforts
    4. I am not really sure
    5. My personality traits


  1. How do you feel when you read beauty magazines?
    1. I don’t read them, they’re useless
    2. I’m happy I’m not as fake as those girls
    3. I’m a huge fan of those, I like reading the advice they write
    4. I wish I’d be as pretty as those girls
    5. I wish beauty wouldn’t be treated so superficially


  1. We all know how diet influences our looks. Do you pay attention to what you eat?
    1. Yes, but I’m not too strict with myself
    2. Not really, I can eat a lot and it doesn’t harm my looks at all
    3. Absolutely, I’m obsessed with healthy diet plans
    4. Only recently I’ve begun to pay attention
    5. I do, but for the sake of my health and not just for my looks


  1. Are you engaged in any physical activities?
    1. Yes, I exercise at the gym
    2. Yes, I exercise at home
    3. Yes, occasionally
    4. No, but I know I should
    5. I’m not that well organized, but I try to exercise whenever I can


  1. Somebody rates your looks 8/10. How do you react?
    1. What? Don’t they have eyes?!
    2. I respect their opinion
    3. I’m a 9 at least!
    4. That’s more than I expected
    5. Rating people’s looks is ridiculous








67 – 75 points

You are beyond beautiful!

Your beauty shines and is additionally illuminated by your personality traits. What makes your looks so powerful is your self-confidence. You know people are honest when they give you compliments. What’s most important for you, according to your answers, is respecting your own beauty. You know you need to cherish your looks and you know basic “maintenance” is more powerful than make-up. And you know that beauty is not everything, so you cherish it as only one of your top qualities. Keep on shining!


54 – 66 points

You are naturally beautiful

You don’t have to try hard, you are not dependant on the latest fashion or make-up, and you are still amazingly pretty. Everything comes from the inside and your inner beauty, along with the positive energy, creates superb results! You did a great job for your beauty levels once you understood how even imperfections contribute to your personal beauty and unique appearance. You know you have all the predispositions to be beautiful, but you also know that it’s not the only think that makes you beautiful. Your attitudes count as well!


41 – 53 points

You are extra beautiful

You know the golden rule – beauty requires investments. You are ready to invest not only your money but also your time and energy to preserve and even improve your looks. You are a real lady who pays attention to every detail and you wouldn’t allow yourself any kind of sloppiness. People notice that and probably bomb you with compliments. They also appreciate how informed you are about the latest fashion and beauty trends.


28 – 40 points

You are more beautiful than you think

According to your answers, sometimes you have difficulties finding your personal beauty. The lack of self-confidence, however, doesn’t mean you are ugly – on the contrary! You are aware of your imperfections and ready to accept or improve them. The efforts you invest in yourself are already beautiful enough. Just look at yourself and understand what makes you unique. Once you understand that, you will see your beauty in its full potential!


15-27 points

You are originally beautiful!

Your beauty comes from your strong, smart, clever personality. Your inner beauty shines and creates almost magnetic energy that attracts people. You are as pretty as a doll but you would rather give up on beauty than be as empty as a doll. Luckily, you have the best of both worlds. According to your answers, you complement your natural beauty with your originality, always finding ways to seize your creativity and play with your personal style. Way to go!