It is really difficult to avoid dryness and consequent damage of hair, when all sorts of chemicals have made your hair their abode. It is elementary biology knowledge that the hair is divided into three layers. The first layer being the medulla, the second being the cortex or middle layer, the outer layer being the cuticle. It is this cuticle that protects the hair, but once it is damaged, the hair becomes dry and very brittle. This is because the heat, pollution, sun rays and the chemicals called cosmetics applied on the hair, all combine to damage the hair cuticle.

How you unknowingly damage hair

You do damage to your hair when you bleach it. This is because bleaching erodes the cuticle and opens the hair up to all kinds of chemicals and they end up rendering the hair brittle and lifeless. With no moisture at all to spare.

Dyeing the hair is another problem that seems harmless but actually harms the hair. The chemicals that constitute the dye are very harmful to the hair, as they open up the hair’s cortex. The damage this causes can last for as much as two to three months, even when you have begun to give proper care to your hair.  The ones called permanent dyes are even the worst.

Perming is a very bad thing to do to the hair, as it restructures the hair from its natural form to another form. This means that the chemicals break up the bonds that are naturally holding the hair’s original structure, and then alters these bonds by rearranging them in a different way. This weakens the hair shaft and exposes the hair to all sorts of harm. Still wonder why some people’s hair smell so horribly?

How you know your hair is damaged

The easiest and best way to know that your hair has been damaged is to grip it upside down and run your fingers through the ends of the hair. And if the ends are feeling rough or less smooth, then the hair is damaged.

Another way to know your hair is damaged  is if your hair snaps up whilst you are combing through it. Or it snaps up when you run your fingers through it. Then it means that your hair is no longer tensile and has lost its strength. And this usually occurs when the hair cuticle is damaged.Rene Furterer Karite for your damaged hair

How to care for damaged hair

Once all the above mentioned indicators are glowing red in regards to your hair, then it is time to repair the damage. Start by chopping off the hair locks. If the hair is extremely damaged, apply Rene Furterer Karité, or Rene Furterer; it helps to form a nourishing mask that protects your hair.

Perhaps your hair ends are feeling dry like dry grass then you have to trim the hair before you can begin your hair restoration measures. And what better way to start your hair restoration process if not by using Rene Furterer Triphasic vht+ which helps to regenerate your damaged hair. As well as Rene Furterer Absolue Kératine, which is also great for the renewal of extremely damaged hair.