Our fingers come into contact with very many elements each day and some only accelerate the process of aging. For that reason, it is best that you ensure that your fingers and nails are always clean and well maintained. One of the best ways to maintain your fingernails is by applying nail polish.

Why apply nail polish?

Nail polish plays vital roles which have for long been underestimated. Firstly, nail polish ensures that the finger nails look attractive no matter the conditions your hands work in. In addition, nail polish ensures that the natural color of your nails is prevented from fading which is caused by different elements like water and soil. On the other hand, nail polish also comes in handy in complementing your fashion thus allowing you to make a powerful fashion statement. However, it is important that you acquire a quality nail polish if at all you are to enjoy the benefits of applying nail polish.

Top nail polish brands for the summer

Summer is a time to explore all fashion options available, you too should not be left behind in trying out different looks. And there is no better way to complement your summer looks than by applying nail polish. That said, here is a list of top nail polish covers that are a great choice for summer.

  • Silver Nail Polish

OPI San Francisco Nail Polish

A silver nail polish will certainly leave you looking amazing especially with its jewelry appeal. This nail polish doesn’t easily fade thus you do not have to worry about playing games or enjoying a swim. This nail polish allows you to enjoy summer like a fashion icon.




  • Dark Blue nail polishRed Carpet dark blue nail polish

For those who love enjoying summer at the beach, a dark blue nail polish is definitely a great choice. The dark blue color matches the oceanic color thus enhancing your moments by the sea or ocean. And if you can match it with a great beach outfit, you will certainly steal the show.

  • Absolute Red

KRIPA Absolute CharmRed is arguably one of the most attention seeking colors and thus you can never go wrong wearing red. With an absolute red nail polish, all eyes will be on you courtesy of its shooting color. The absolute red nail polish can complement any fashion look comfortably.


OPI nail polish Coral Red

  • Coral Red

A coral red nail polish is a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing summer. The coral red color is not so conspicuous and it triggers the feeling of being calm and relaxed.

  • Corn yellow

Red-Carpet Corn Yellow nail polishConsidering the fact that it is summer, yellow is definitely a theme color for summer as it represents the sun. A corn yellow nail polish will get you in the mood for summer as it also complements your fashion.

The different nail polish covers for summer are made from natural ingredients and thus pose no threat to your health or the environment.